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v2.7.6 | 02/27/2024 | GitHub Release

FIX: Addresses an additional issue with closing Slack API Documentation pages. Please read "GitHub Release" for a deep dive into the regex changes for Slack.

v2.7.5 | 01/11/2024 | GitHub Release

FIX: This fix is to help address some user feedback received about the closing of Slack related pages. Please read "GitHub Release" for a deep dive into the regex changes for Slack.

v2.7.0 | 12/13/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Microsoft Teams (contributed by @Maximisch)
NEW: AWS IAM Authorization Success (contributed by @shayelkin)

v2.6.2 | 09/06/2023 | GitHub Release

FIX: Updates the description of the extension to be more... succinct. Google rejected the 2.6.0 upload to the Chrome Web Store for "keyword farming"... because apparently listing the actual services the extension supports is a bad thing.

v2.6.0 | 08/24/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Slack Support

v2.5.1 | 08/24/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: License.

v2.5.0 | 05/31/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Linear Support

v2.4.0 | 05/31/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Asana Support

v2.3.1 | 05/10/2023 | GitHub Release

FIX: Package Acceptance Validation

v2.3.0 | 05/10/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Notion Deeplink Support

v2.2.1 | 05/09/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Webex Support
NEW: Debug Log Enhancements
FIX: Issue with Arc Browser

v2.1.6 | 05/08/2023 | GitHub Release

NEW: Debug Logs

v2.1.1 | 05/08/2023 | GitHub Release

FIX: Fixes an issue with Figma URLs

v2.1.0 | 05/07/2023 | GitHub Release

🎉 Stable Release
NEW: Big Refactor of TabCloser

β1.2.2 | 05/06/2023 | GitHub Release

FIX: Updated error handing to ignore the no tab with id error for when TabCloser attempted to close a tab that had already been closed.

β1.2.1 | 05/06/2023 | GitHub Release

FIX: General Bug Fixes

β1.2.0 | 05/05/2023 | GitHub Release

🎉 Intial Release

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